Jewelry styles for your face shape

Oval Face Shape

Oval – This face shape has a forehead as wide as cheekbones and narrows from the cheeks to chin. 

Best earrings - teardrops and ovals which provide a compliment to your face’s natural contour. Oval can wear pretty much any shape!

Best necklace - collar, choker, full necklace, triple strand, v shape or waterfall.

Round Face Shape

 Round – this face is widest across the cheekbones and narrowing at the forehead and jaw lines. 

Best earrings - dangling earrings, teardrop or long dangles help to elongate your face. Avoid round earrings or wide at the bottom ones. 

Best necklace – longer, looping necklaces draw your eyes down and lengthen the face such as matinee length, long V style and long T style. Avoid collar or choker 

Pear face shape

Triangle or Pear-shaped – narrow brow with a wide jaw line. The opposite of the heart shaped face. The width of the face at jaw line and cheekbones is greater than the width at the forehead. 

Best earrings - heart shaped dangling earrings. Jewelry that adds width at the level of the cheekbones or above are good choices. 

Best necklace- short necklaces with gentle curves to soften the strong jaw line. Princess or matinee lengths are ideal. Large focal components forming a V are good. 

Heart Shaped Face

Heart – this shape has a forehead that is wider than cheeks and tapers down to the chin. 

Best earrings – dangle, teardrop or chandelier earrings, diamond shaped ones would add an interesting contrast also. Wearing earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top would balance your natural triangle shape. Earrings with a soft curve such as tear drop styles work well also. Elongated lines and curves are best shapes and would draw the eyes to cheekbones and jaw line. Avoid round shapes. 

Best necklace- short necklaces with curves. Choker, collar and princess lengths are ideal to break up the vertical line. Triple strand chokers or large beads at the base of the throat create fullness at the neck and balances the cheekbones. 

Square shaped face

Square – this shaped face has a forehead, cheekbones and jaw about equal in width; your face may be as long as it is wide, or slightly rectangular. 

Best Earrings – medium to long dangling, elongated or hooped earrings soften and balance out your features. Angular or round edges are also good choices because they bring attention to your earrings and help to soften your natural angles. Round designs soften cheekbones and jaw lines. Choose oversized hoops that brush your jaw line or extend below it for a dramatic look. Avoid wearing very wide earrings, chandelier, square or triangle earrings. 

Best necklace - princess, matinee, opera and rope lengths create a vertical line to lengthen a square face. Large focal components and pendants with curves and swirls counter the strong angular jaw. Length and curves will soften the strong jaw line.

Rectangular Face Shape

Narrow or rectangular- like the square but more elongated.

Best earrings - long dangle earrings minimize the length of narrow faces. Earrings with lots of volume work well. Short dangles are also flattering because they help to draw the eye horizontally across the face. Elongated curves that dangle accentuate the cheekbones and add softness. 

Best necklace- short necklaces, choker, collar and princess lengths. Large beads at the base of the neck help shorten the look of the face. 

Necklace Length 14" to 48"


Hair Length

If you have long hair, long dangling earrings and bright colors with sparkle show best. 

Short hair can wear any earrings. 

Hair Color

Blond hair – gold earrings are very flattering. 

Dark haired women, silver

Red hair, gold or rose gold.  

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